Tips for Finding the Right Shower Doors in Orange County

by south coast glass

Showers are easily the most popular bathing option when compared to baths. They’re faster, clean better, and showers don’t take up as much space as a bathtub. However, many people find them unsightly if all they use to cover them up is a shower curtain.

While shower curtains are a more affordable option, glass shower doors are easier to clean and won’t wear down over time. They also look pair well with any kind of bathroom design or décor.

Here’s how you can find the right shower doors in Orange County.

A custom glass shower enclosure in Orange County.

Why Choose Glass vs. Other Shower Door Options?

You might wonder why you should choose glass over other shower door options. After all, curtains are much more affordable and come in a variety of patterns and colors. You can also find some interesting shower doors such as wood or metal panels, as well as beaded curtains.

The first reason to choose glass is that it’s the easiest to clean, by far. A large glass panel can easily be maintained if you wipe it down with a cloth, soap, and water. You can also find a wide range of glass cleaners that can help eliminate soap scum and water stains without leaving streaks on your door.

Secondly, glass shower doors provide a unique aesthetic that pairs well with any bathroom renovation. It adds elegance to a room and matches a variety of shower styles.

Finally, glass bathroom doors let light flow throughout a room, unobstructed. This means that any natural light coming through your windows won’t be blocked or diluted.

Find Custom Glass Shower Door Installation

When looking for Orange County shower doors, you’ll want an installer. While you could try to put in your glass door by yourself, you may find it difficult to make it fit your specific space. The door may need to be a certain height and width, and you may need to adjust your shower area.

In addition, you may do everything right but use the wrong materials. For example, thinner shower doors need a frame in order to stay structurally sound. There’s also the risk of the door falling off its hinges if you installed it incorrectly.

The installation process should only take a few hours to finish. It may also cost extra for a custom design.

Know What Kind of Shower Door You Need

There are many different types of shower doors out there to choose from.

First of all, you have the option between tempered and laminated glass. Tempered glass breaks into small round pieces if it’s shattered, making it a safe option. Although laminated glass is more durable, it can prove more dangerous if broken.

Secondly, you’ll need to decide how the glass door opens.

Pivot shower doors swing open from a hinge. Sliding glass doors slide on a track and require no floor space. You can also find frameless shower doors that have a glass wall with an open, no-door design.

Finally, you can choose between tinted glass, frosted glass, and clear glass doors. The clear glass doors are further broken down into different levels of clarity. Low iron shower glass provides the most clarity, but fingerprints and stains are more visible.

Frameless 90 Degree Shower Enclosure in Orange County

Shower Door Frame Design

Shower doors don’t all come in the same style. You can find glass doors that mount onto the side of bathtubs as well as those that slide along the floor.

The type of frame you use will dictate what door you can utilize.

For example, sliding shower doors only work with one plane of movement. It needs to slide straight into the other pane of glass.

Meanwhile, round or neo-angle showers are most commonly found with some kind of pivot door. Rounded showers can have sliding bypass operations, but neo-angle showers need a door that can swing either in or out of the space.

You can also install a frameless glass shower door. These are easier to maintain due to fewer crevasses for soap scum to accumulate inside. However, it can make your glass more vulnerable to shattering if it isn’t thick enough.

Custom sliding glass shower door in Orange County

Take Into Account Bathroom Size and Layout

Finding the right shower doors in Orange County will partly depend on how much space you have in your current bathroom. Not everyone is blessed with a large bathroom space, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want a high-quality glass door.

Swing doors don’t always work in narrow or cramped bathroom spaces. They need space to open. But that’s where sliding glass doors come in.

A sliding glass door doesn’t need space to swing out. All it needs is enough room for the door to slide behind the glass panel next to it. As such, they work better with wider showers or tubs.

As previously mentioned, you can also opt for a corner shower with a rounded or neo-angle glass door. You’ll be best off discussing your options with your installation company.

Glass Thickness

Depending on the type of shower frame you purchase, you’ll need to get a certain glass thickness.

For example, 3/16 of an inch thick is the bare minimum that is required for framed glass doors. This reduces the overall cost and can do the job that is required of them.

However, a frameless shower enclosure needs at least 3/8-inch thickness. The typical thickness you’ll see is actually half an inch, which gives it the strength and sturdiness to withstand a lack of a frame.

Find the Best Shower Doors in Orange County

If you want to find the right shower doors in Orange County for your home, you’ll want to reach out to your local bathroom renovation company. Have them take a look around your bathroom to see what you can install and how it’ll look. You could always try to install it yourself, but it’s worth paying extra for a professional job.

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