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Here at South Coast Glass we also offer complimentary products to our glass offerings such as glass care products. We have the option to use Diamond Seal Coating on your shower doors which is a hydrophobic coating designed to protect your glass from getting stained or pitted from hard water or soap scum from daily use. The water here in Southern California is especially hard and having Diamond Seal Coating can save your glass from being destroyed by it. Diamond Seal Coating is designed to last for the lifetime of the enclosure and is miles ahead of competing products such as Enduroshield which only last a very short time before failing. We offer other products for aftercare that work with this coating as well.

We also offer hardware for purchase of our own branded products or from competing local brands. We have our own private manufacturer and go through countless R&D quality checks before bringing products to market so we guarantee the quality and longevity of our South Coast Glass branded hardware.

Lastly, we do offer a variety of window screens, sliding, and security screen products. These products come in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes. We also offer rescreening of existing screens the same day they are brought in (in most cases) for our clients.

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