Swinging Shower Doors

90 Degree Shower

The 90 degree frameless shower is one of our specialty showers that we helped engineer in our pursuit for maximum glass area and a minimal amount of metal hardware so you can enjoy a cleaner looking shower rather than the the bulk and ugly old framed style doors. 

Our 90 degree showers use a series of micro-clips on the fixed panels to ensure stability of the unit and also work to not spoil the clean look of the frameless enclosure. The unit is also sealed with our construction grade clear silicone in order to ensure the shower will be water tight and also enhances stability. This enclosure is available in both a 3/8” and 1/2” clear or starphire glass.

Door and Panel Inline Shower

Much like the 90 degree shower doors, the door and panel inline frame less shower is engineered to have the least amount of metal involved in order to achieve this beautiful look while still being very sturdy and secure at the same time. This frameless enclosure is available in both a 3/8” and 1/2” clear or starphire glass as well.

Neo Angle Shower

Our Neo Angle shower doors are one of the most customizable showers options we have available. These custom shower doors are available in either a header or header-less system and allows you to customize where the door is located on the enclosure in order to achieve your desired configuration of the enclosure.

Single Door Showers

Our single door showers are a timeless and classy addition to any bathroom. It features our heavy duty hinges and also polycarbonate seals applied to the glass and tile to ensure the unit is water tight. This shower enclosure is available in both a 3/8” and 1/2” clear, starphire glass, or a variety of pattern glass as well.

Shower Screens

Fixed Panel Showers, also known as Shower Screens, are another item we specialize in here at South Coast Glass. This frameless shower door is secured using our micro-clip or channel systems and can also be custom fabricated to feature an elegant rounded edge. This enclosure is available in clear glass as well as many different pattern glasses and thicknesses to help you achieve the look you desire for your bathroom.

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