Framed to Frameless! The Best Way to Go!

by south coast glass

Want to change the look of your builder grade bathroom but don’t have the $10,000+ budget to do it? Try retrofitting a new frameless shower door for a fraction of the cost! Here at South Coast Glass we specialize in retrofitting new frameless enclosures over where your old framed showers have been! This eliminates the need to retile or demo your whole shower and adds a brand new eye catching centerpiece to the room that will wow new buyers if you are selling or have you set for another 20 + years of luxury in your current bathroom without the inconvenience and overwhelming cost of a remodel! The process is quick and easy as well! We will give you a free quote to replace your existing shower via phone or email if you are able to send us a photo of your current setup and give us approximate dimensions. Once we have that information we will get you a quote within 24 hours and can have a measure technician at your home the same or next business day to go over all the details with you about the project and get it started.

From that point, we fabricate the glass for your shower in house at our Oceanside location and will call you when we have it ready for installation. The removal of the old shower and installation of the new shower is all done in one day so you will have as little down time as possible so you can keep enjoying your bathroom with little interruption! (Silicone on new enclosure requires at least 24 hours to cure/set so there is a one day waiting period once the new shower is installed before it can be used). Contact us today for more information or come see us at our showroom locations to see and try our full sized displays of our products!


Here are a list of common questions asked about this process:

Q: Would you need to remove my current shower before the installation date?

A: Not necessarily! The only reasons would be if your shower requires tile or regroute work to be done prior to the installation of the new shower. We can usually advise you of this at the time of estimating or at the onsite visit. There are rare occasions where we may have to remove the shower at the time of the onsite estimate if there is a custom layout that the frame does not allow us to do (angled or neoangle showers may be like this occasionally). 

Q: What about old screw holes from my existing shower? Will they show?

A: Typically not! We are mostly likely able to retrofit the new shower right over the old holes of your previous shower so they do not show. The exception may be where the door is anchored; however these holes are usually covered by the seals when the door is closed or filled in with a similar color silicone to mask them. For off color tiles, some customers opt to have a regroute company come out and fill them after we have performed the installation. Grout comes in many more colors than silicone and can match off color tiles more easily.

Q: What is the typical lead time for a new shower from your company? How long does installation take?

A: For most enclosures it takes us approximately 5-14 business days from the date of measure to the date of installation. It can vary depending on our schedule, where you are located and also the complexity of the enclosure.

Q: Are there any instances where you cannot provide a frameless type shower?

A: There are a very few exceptions. If you have a very narrow shower or have an acrylic or fiberglass surround instead of tiled walls, a completely frameless style shower may not be possible. We do have special mounting methods for acrylic/fiberglass if needed however. Please contact us with photos and we will give you a definite answer.