7 Mirror Trends to Look Out for in San Diego

by south coast glass

The home decor industry is believed to grow to $805.75 billion by 2026. The CAGR will be around 5% as home decor continues to be a booming market.

Those who enjoy home decor should invest in custom mirrors in San Diego. High-quality mirrors are a trendy decor piece that will continue to be popular in 2023.

Those who want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends will need to know what is in. Mirrors have always been a trendy piece, and now there are more options than ever.

Keep reading to find out what custom mirror options are trendy right now that everyone should consider buying.

Round Mirrors

One of these mirror trends that are hot in the home decorating space is around mirrors. If we want to elevate the appearance of our home, we need this mirror shape.

Round mirrors add intrigue and give the mirror a softness that standard square and rectangular mirrors lack. It is perfect for modern homes that are a bit minimal and comforting.

A round mirror hanging on a wall

Round mirrors are especially popular for small areas of the home that need something special. For instance, a round mirror is perfect over an entryway table or in the bathroom.

Oversized round mirrors are especially trendy right now, as they create the perfect statement piece in any room.

Oversized Mirrors

One trend that has been around for a while is oversized mirrors for the home. The best mirrors are large, allowing us to get the most use out of this decor piece.

Full-length oversized mirrors are especially trendy right now as they also serve a practical purpose. We will find these mirrors in bedrooms and hallways to give us a full look at your outfit.

They add a certain level of sophistication to any room, becoming a statement design feature. We can find full-length oversized mirrors and a variety of styles, whether we want a traditional look or a minimalist look.

Designer Mirrors

If we are interested in decor with mirrors, we need to invest in designer mirrors for our home. These are mirrors that are either custom mirrors or designed in a unique and eye-catching way.

A designer mirror hanging on a wall

Designer mirrors really stand for any kind of mirror that thinks outside of the box. This could be a unique mirror shape or a mirror with an intricate design to add intrigue.

We can find mirrors in San Diego at South Coast Glass, where there are a variety of custom mirror options. This allows us to find the perfect mirror that is suitable for our home.

Multiple Mirrors

Another trend to be aware of is using multiple mirrors in a single space of our home. This is a pretty new trend that is taking the world of home decor by storm, especially in more eclectic homes.

If we want to create a statement area of our home, there is no better option than to use hanging mirrors. We can create a wall collage of hanging mirrors instead of using something like art or photos.

This adds a certain level of elegance that other wall decor just doesn’t have in our homes. This is also a great way to elevate the space and make a relatively small area look larger in our homes.

Mirrors naturally open up the space and give the illusion of a larger room. Because of this, this trend is perfect for hallways, entryways of our home, and small bedrooms.

Vintage Mirrors

If our style is more vintage or eclectic, there are antique mirror trends we should know about. Antiques and vintage items are often something that makes the list when it comes to trendy home decor pieces.

A vintage mirror with ornate frame

These are mirrors that have a unique style that symbolizes trends from the past. This is the perfect way to warm up a space and add a bit of nostalgia instead of going completely modern in your home.

South Coast Glass also offers antique mirrors that are perfect for adding a statement feature to our home. These have an aged look that is perfect for tying in vintage decor pieces in the room.

Minimalist Mirrors

One trend that has been around for many years is the minimalist trend in the decor space. Minimalism is not just a way of living, it is also a way of styling our home depending on our personal tastes.

Minimalist mirrors are in style in 2023, giving your home a sleek and elegant appearance. These are often large mirrors with a very simple trim that is either gold or black in most cases.

We could even find mirrors that have no trim at all for a very minimalistic approach. Mirrors are the perfect way to elevate our minimalist home without adding clutter or taking away from our current decor.

Textured Mirrors

Interested in the latest home decor trends that are circulating in 2023? One of those trends is the use of textured mirrors as a statement feature in our home instead of a standard mirror.

These are often irregularly shaped mirrors with a thick frame around the edge made of unique materials or textures. These mirrors are often compared to Boho decor as they have a naturally rustic and earthy appearance.

This is a perfect way to add an organic touch to our home without making it too obvious. These mirrors are still slightly minimalistic and won’t feel overwhelming in our home, even if the space is small.

Custom Mirrors in San Diego: Latest Trends

Interested in the latest home decor trends, especially when it comes to trendy features like mirrors? There are a lot of new mirror trends you can get on board with this year.

Some examples of this include irregularly shaped mirrors or mirrors with plenty of texture and appeal. Minimalistic mirrors are also back in style as well as oversized and full-length options.

Interested in buying the best custom mirrors in San Diego that are trendy in 2023? Contact us today at South Coast Glass, where high-quality custom mirror options can be found.