Swinging vs. Sliding Shower Doors

by south coast glass

Swinging vs. Sliding Shower Door: How to Decide Which Is Best for You

When it comes to your bathroom, you want the best setup possible. Your shower door is a big part of what makes your space visually appealing and functional. However, deciding on the right one for you can be challenging.

If you are debating what look you want for your next shower door, we’re here to help. This article covers everything you need to know about a swinging vs. sliding shower door. You will be able to determine the differences and decide which option works best for you.

What Is a Swinging Shower Door?

swinging shower door is a glass door that opens and closes by swinging on pivoting hinges, similar to other doors in your household. Hinges are located at the top and bottom of the door, and a standard swinging door opens outwards at 90 degrees.

These doors are often frameless, giving your bathroom a clean, sophisticated look. There are various styles available for individuals seeking this option. Carlsbad and Orange County residents can find some of the following designs from South Coast Glass:

  • 90-degree shower
  • Door and panel inline shower
  • Neo angle shower
  • Single door showers
  • Shower screens

What Is a Sliding Shower Door?

Another option available for your bathroom redesign is a sliding shower door. This style operates by sliding on a track, requiring no additional floor space. These doors are perfect for saving space in your bathroom and working with a single movement, where one glass pane slides directly into the other.

sliding shower door in Orange County

These doors typically work best with more expansive showers and tubs. They are often designed with tracks at the bottom of the frame and two slides, allowing the doors to bypass one another. Furthermore, however, many designs are frameless and trackless, adding appeal to this style. Orange County residents can find the following elegant designs from South Coast Glass:

  • Dual slide shower
  • Euro slider shower
  • EZ slide shower
  • Bypass shower doors

How to Decide Which Design Is Best for You

While both types have a unique appeal, there are specific indicators that can help you decide which option is most suitable for your space. Below is a breakdown of the benefits of a swinging vs. a sliding shower door to make your next purchase straightforward and stress-free.

The Benefits of a Swinging Shower Door

This type has numerous benefits, making it a preferred choice for some homeowners. The following are among the primary benefits of installing one in your bathroom:

A swinging glass shower door in San Diego
  • These doors offer a wide opening to safely enter and exit the shower. This is especially helpful for individuals with mobility issues.
  •  The doors are easy to clean because they are trackless, making them ideal for individuals with less time for maintenance.
  •  They are often safer than a standard sliding door.
  • ∙Swinging doors are aesthetically pleasing, and a frameless design adds to a sophisticated, clean appearance to ensure that everything in your bathroom blends together seamlessly.

The Benefits of a Sliding Shower Door

While a swinging door is appealing for many homeowners, sliding doors are equally valuable and can offer a desirable appearance. Consider the following benefits of this type of shower door as you approach your decision:

  • A sliding shower door is ideal for small bathrooms and tight spaces. Because these doors don’t open out, they don’t take up any additional space.
  • These doors have a seamless, aesthetically pleasing appearance and a clean design that goes perfectly with the rest of your space.
  •  They have functional handles that can double as a space to hang towels or washcloths.

What to Consider When Making the Final Call

Given the numerous benefits of both options, you might struggle to make the final decision when it comes to choosing a style. Consider some of the following factors to help you make a confident choice.


When deciding between the two options, always consider the functionality of each one. While both types of doors are appealing, they won’t suit every space. Depending on factors such as shower location in your bathroom, your wall material, and the location of support studs, you might choose one option over another.


Another crucial consideration for any homeowner is budget. Have a number in mind for your purchase to ensure you get a high-quality door within your budget. South Coast Glass provides luxury and long-lasting shower doors to ensure you get the most for your money.


Consider the amount of room you have to install the door. While swinging doors are aesthetically pleasing and have numerous benefits, they take up more space than sliding doors. They might take up too much room if your bathroom is on the smaller side of the spectrum. In contrast, a sliding door won’t take up additional space and can be perfect for cramped areas.


Ultimately, your shower door should speak to your stylistic preferences. Both options come in various unique designs, meaning you’ll have plenty of choices beyond this decision. Orange County residents can find some of the best options for swinging and sliding shower doors from South Coast Glass.

A glass shower door enclosure

Consider the rest of your bathroom and how the door will fit your current design. Also, factor in the rest of your home and how you want your bathroom to complement other spaces in the house.

Find the Perfect Shower Door at South Coast Glass

Homeowners seeking a new shower door in Orange County, Carlsbad, or San Diego need to look no further than South Coast Glass, the premier option for luxury shower doors. With decades of experience, we provide a long-lasting solution to keep your bathroom looking stunning and seamless for years to come.

Getting started on finding the right one for you is simple. With South Coast Glass, you can book a free estimate and select the shower door of your dreams in no time. Contact us today to learn more about the numerous design options to take your bathroom to the next level.