Starfire Ultra Clear Glass: The CLEAR Choice!

by south coast glass

One of our most popular products

One of our most popular products we offer is our Starfire Ultra Clear glass option. Starfire is a low iron glass or ultra clear glass option that we offer that is much more optically clear than regular glass; meaning it does not have the dark green heavy standard heavy glass has when you look directly through your shower door.  Starfire is extremely popular with our designer and contractor clients who want to show off the natural color of their tile or stone without the offputting green hue of standard glass. Starfire also gives the shower enclosure a much cleaner look which makes it much more asetitically pleasing. We also use starfire glass for wine room doors, shelving, and tabletops for the same reason as shower doors; the cleanest possible look. Once our clients see our Starfire Ultra Clear glass it is the CLEAR choice for their project!

Here at South Coast Glass we are able to offer our clients Starfire Ultra Clear glass at a fraction of the price of our competitors. This is due to our extensive in house fabrication facility where we are able to save on the high cost of this glass by fabricating it ourselves and pass the savings onto our customers. Our competitiors are held hostage by large glass fabricators who charge a massive premium to them for starfire or other low iron glass and due to this they are not able to match the quality or cost we are able to provide on this glass. 

Standard Clear Glass
Starfire Glass
Standard vs Starfire

Come down to one of our showroom locations in Laguna Niguel or Oceanside today to see the Starfire glass difference. Once you see it in person you’ll know you wont want anything else for your shower door!