Hottest Frameless Shower Door Trends in Orange County

by south coast glass

Frameless shower doors are the top choice for modern bathrooms. When you’re looking for sleek lines and contemporary style, ditching the shower frame is the perfect move. It’s also a fantastic way to make the most of the space that you have available. Whether you want to maximize the space you have in a small bathroom or make the most of a larger bathroom, a frameless shower door can work for you.

At South Coast Glass, we can help you find the perfect frameless shower door in Orange County. No matter what your tastes or needs are, our selection of products has something for everyone. There are some amazing frameless shower trends to choose from that could transform your bathroom into a space you love to relax in. These shower doors can be so versatile, giving you plenty of different options to customize your bathroom to your liking. With a gorgeous new shower, you’ll look forward to using it every day.

Finding the right shower door without a frame can take some careful thought. You need to get the right one for your bathroom’s size, shape, and design, as well as your lifestyle needs. Take a look at our pick of the hottest trends for some suggestions for your frameless shower door.

Sliding Shower Doors

Shower doors that swing outward aren’t always the best option, especially in smaller bathrooms. If you’re short on space, one of the trends you might be interested in is sliding shower doors. A sliding frameless door for your shower saves space, sliding neatly out of the way in a compact manner. While these are perfect for smaller bathrooms, you don’t have to have a small bathroom to choose a sliding door. They can look great in any bathroom or shower room, and there are several design options to choose from.

Space to Steam

Some people are choosing to ditch the large tub in their bathroom so that they have more room for their shower. A large shower enclosure gives you more space to stretch out or even enough room for two to fit inside. When you choose a frameless shower door, you not only get a large shower but also a sleek look with minimal hardware. A large walk-in shower can also be a great accessible option for people who may want to wheel into the shower or install a feature such as a chair bench. A 90-degree shower is a great way to achieve this, giving you a corner shower with minimal hardware.

Door and Panel Inline Look

A 90-degree corner shower can give you plenty of space, but a door and panel inline shower can also allow you to make the most of your space. This is another shower option that minimizes the hardware required, and it can be used for showers of all sizes. With its frameless design, it maximizes the amount of light that can pour through the glass. The result is a beautiful shower that’s sturdy and secure.

A custom glass shower door

Customizable Shapes

There are various shapes that can be explored if you’re looking for a frameless shower door. When you want to benefit from a glass cubicle, a 90-degree shower offers you a clean shower cabin with sharp lines that lets in lots of light. Another option is our Neo Angle shower doors. You can use this design to create an angled corner and make your choice on the placement of the door itself. This is a good way to use your available space in a smart manner and customize your bathroom.

Shower Screens

When you don’t want a full glass shower cubicle, a shower screen is an excellent option. This shower trend is all about having half a wall for your shower for a more open look and feel. Also called a fixed panel shower, it can be fitted with clear glass or various patterned glass options. This style is ideal if you want to design a wetroom-style shower room but you still want to section off the shower area.

Tub Screens

A similar trend that you might consider is the tub screen. If you have a combined bath and shower, this convenient option is also super stylish. You can ditch the shower curtain, which can be tricky to keep clean and doesn’t always look particularly elegant. Swap it for a sleek tub screen that can prevent splashes and sprays while lending a luxury look to your bathroom.

A glass shower door showing different glass types

Choice of Glass Options

It’s not just the design of different frameless shower doors that you can consider. If you’re looking for a frameless shower door in Orange County, you can also explore our range of glass options. Choosing different glass colors and finishes is one of the biggest trends for this type of shower door and enclosure. There are lots of choices available too, so you can customize your shower to your exact wishes. Whether you’re looking for plain, clear glass that will let the light straight through or you want a textured or patterned finish, you can find something you love. And every option will be tough and long-lasting for a safe showering experience.

Personalized Hardware

The purpose of frameless shower doors is to limit the amount of hardware required. However, you can still choose options you love for what little hardware is needed. Customizing the hardware used is a fantastic way to really make your shower look stylish. There are different metals and finishes that you can consider for your handles, hinges, and brackets. Select a style and color that fits in with your vision for your shower design to complete the look of your brand-new shower.

Find Your Frameless Shower

Find your perfect frameless shower door in Orange County with South Coast Glass. Our extensive range of products and glass options gives you a broad selection to choose from. When you’re ready to transform your bathroom with one of the latest trends, our frameless shower door experts can help. Get in touch to find out more or browse our top products.