Are Mirrored Walls Out of Style?

by south coast glass

Mirrored walls create a striking feature in any room. They can make a room appear larger and reflect more light around the space too. But are mirrored walls still trendy? Will they quickly become outdated if you install one in your home? These are natural worries to have when thinking about installing such a prominent feature. You don’t want to spend money on designing and installing something that you could quickly fall out of love with. If you’re feeling uncertain about mirrored walls and whether they are out of style, we can help. This guide will take you through all there is to know about mirrored walls and reassure you that there are plenty of ways to use mirrors in stylish and even timeless ways.

What Is a Mirrored Wall?

It’s a good idea to start with a definition of what exactly a mirrored wall is. A mirrored wall is essentially what it sounds like. It’s a wall that is decorated with one or more mirrors that have been mounted. The mirrors may cover the entire wall or might stretch to the expanse of either the width or height of the wall.

There are several reasons people choose mirrored walls for their homes. Firstly, mirrors are excellent for reflecting light and for helping a room to appear larger. This can be particularly effective for smaller rooms, or any space where you might want to maximize the light. Mirrors are also great decorative items that can be used in different ways to enhance the design of any room.

When Did Mirrored Walls Become Popular?

Mirrored walls started to become trendy around the 1970s and through to the 1990s. However, although that may be a few decades ago, it doesn’t mean they are out of style. There are more retro ways to style a mirrored wall, but there are equally contemporary options to create the perfect look. Some people might think that mirrored walls are no longer in style, but it’s easy to find examples of beautiful modern walls that make use of mirrors.

A mirrored wall used in a storage room

Mirror walls have started to gain more popularity again over the last few years, and they can be incorporated into lots of different decor styles. According to Architectural Digest, mirror grids are particularly popular, especially with an antique effect.

What’s the Average Cost of a Mirrored Wall?

There’s no one cost you can expect to pay for a mirrored wall. However, you will find that they are typically priced per square foot or quarter inch. The average cost is between $5 to $20 per square foot of mirror. You must consider installation costs and materials too. Keep in mind that the cost is influenced by several different factors, not just materials.

How to Design a Mirrored Wall

No one mirrored wall has to look like any other. There are different ways to style mirrored walls to suit the overall design of the room and the look that you want. Whether you are designing a mirrored wall for your own home or someone else’s (or even a business), there are multiple ways to approach it. The simple option is to have one continuous mirror with no grid or lines. However, many people prefer the look of multiple mirrors placed together. This could be in a uniform grid, or it could be using mirrors of different sizes and fitting them together.

A mirrored wall could be split up in different ways, whether you start with one mirror or multiple. A single large mirror can be sectioned into a grid or pattern with borders made from wood or other materials. Individual mirrors could even be used together with paneling, used to form the center of each panel. A mirror wall can take up a whole wall or just part of one, depending on how far you want to go. If you’re not sure where to start with designing one, South Coast Glass can help you with advice from our expert designers.

Mirrored Wall Installation

When it comes to installing a mirrored wall, you may want to avoid taking the DIY approach. Whether you do it yourself can depend on what you want to do and your confidence in your skills. The first thing you will need to do is get the mirrors you want, which might include cutting them to the right size and shape and ensuring the right finish. This is definitely something that you will want to leave to the professionals. If you are simply hanging some mirrors, you might be willing to do that yourself. But any installation that might be a little more complicated could require the expert touch to complete it properly.

Styling a Room with a Mirrored Wall

A mirrored wall is an eye-catching feature that could pull focus in any room. So how do you style the rest of the space around the wall? You might want to highlight your mirrored wall, but you could also be aiming to ensure it doesn’t dominate the room. One popular option is to place furniture in front of the way, especially if it’s something like a desk, table, or something at a similar height. Not only does this help you to style a lovely space, but it also creates a barrier that helps to prevent damage to the mirrors.

A mirrored wall in a hallway.

Think about how the room will be reflected on your wall. Everything that is in front of the mirrors will be seen double from certain angles. Too much clutter in the room could make it all look a bit claustrophobic. Try to emphasize the light that is reflected by the mirrors, both in your placement of the wall and how you design the rest of the room.

Mirrored walls are definitely still in style. In fact, they’re enjoying something of a renaissance. If you are looking for mirrored walls in Orange County, get in touch with South Coast Glass to find out more about getting the best-mirrored wall for your home.