Our History

by south coast glass

Family owned business for 40 years!

Here at South Coast Glass we are proud to be a small family run business and have a long near 40 year history that has led us to where we are today and driven us to provide high quality custom locally made products for our customers. 

South Coast Glass was born in my great grandfather’s garage. David Muirs was a retried fireman and craftsman who specialized in painting, custom woodworking, and metal working when he was not enjoying his retirement down at the beach in San Clemente. He passed his skills onto our founder, my father Shawn, who went on to start making window screens based on my grandfather’s designs for the neighbors in the summer of 1984. He first made screens out of wood and then out of more resilient rolled aluminum to ensure a longer lasting higher quality screen. From there Shawn went on to work at a local glass shop as an apprentice to learn the glass trade. After several years of glass work he opened his first shop in Capistrano Beach supplying quality screens, patio doors, mirrors, and custom shower doors using the knowledge from the trades he had worked in. Shawn stayed in this location for 5 years and then moved to a larger location in San Juan Capistrano where he hired a larger staff which includes our long time general manager Rod Dzandzara. At this location we began to fabricate and process heavy glass (3/8″ and 1/2″) for more frameless shower door systems. Shawn added heavy duty machinery such as polishers, bevelers, drilling machines, and suction cranes to help with the heavy work and began to process close to 30-40 pieces of glass a day for our local contractors and home owner clients.

After close to 25 years of being in San Juan Capistrano in 2020, right before Covid hit, we decided to branch out into two different locations and move out of San Juan Capistrano in order to be more centrally located and service our clients throughout Orange County and San Diego county. We opened a new showroom location in Laguna Niguel for our Orange County clients and a brand new fabrication facility and showroom in Oceanside for our San Diego clients. This expansion allowed us to carry even more products, glass offerings, and hardware than ever before. In the near future we plan to offer even more custom products that we make in house such as base shoe, folding doors, and custom window systems.